101 Facts About Me (Reloaded)

Meet our Vice President! 🙂

The Pen's Heart


In response to Dr. Eamer‘s blog post, here’s to knowing me better. Happy reading! 😉

101 Hello! I am Claudette Andal Coronel, but most of the people I know call me Clauie or Clauie Belle instead because I go by that name on my social media accounts.

100 I am an Aquarian, yes, I was born on the day before the Valentine’s Day.

99 My favorite Fairy Tale princess is Belle of the Beauty and the Beast. That explains the ‘Belle’ after Clauie. It’s also a French term for beautiful.

98 I am over 20 but most of the people say I look 16 or 17.

Me, during office hours! :P Me, during office hours! 😛

97 Have you been so close to kids? I do. I’m part of our church’s Sunday School and handles the kids.

96 Systems Engineer, that’s my profession but now, I am venturing into Sales as an Account Manager.

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