Bum Chronicles: A Test of Patience

Meet our Official Confidant! 🙂


I am a bum for two months already.

For a busy body like me, two months is like a year. I miss the office; the smell of the brewed coffee every morning; the heavy flow of traffic (masochistic); the sweat and grumbling passengers in the train; the morning and evening rush;

I miss working on a report and composing a short and simple email; the excel shortcuts and hands-free typing; the macros and pivot; the unsolicited messages from colleagues asking for help; the complicated problems you get to solve; and the revenue target that you and team gets to hit.

I miss the team and our inside jokes; the bullying that you get to enjoy like they’re compliments; and the ear-length gossip that you pretend not to hear because you are wearing a headset-muted.

I miss our night run; kilometer-walk; food tripping and all the gala I get to enjoy…

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