Ask Rhea Angeline 02

#AskPSA #AskRhea

Exhibit A


Every Wednesday, the Philippine Singles Association is implementing the #‎AskPSA program, which serves as an instrument to know each member deeply. We are featuring one member each week and just yesterday, November 11, we had an #AskRhea activity.

1. Pres, ano sa tingin mo ‘yung pinakamalaking naituro ng buhay sa’yo? ‘Yung tipong mapapatigil ka tapos maiisip mong, “Buti na lang ngayon alam ko na.”

I learned that relationships are very fragile. 🙂

2. Pres, ano ‘yung pinakanakakainspire na experience mo (testimony) na pwede mong i-share at sure na makakabless ng mga makakarinig nito?

Definitely the turning point of my life to date, my story, Exhibit A. Have you read that?

3. Bakit naging fave mo ang CBTL?

Lately lang ako nag-CBTL. First drink na natikman ko ay Iced Cold Double Chocolate. ‘Yung coffee-based without whip cream. Eh ang sarap kaya. Tapos libre pa. 😛

4. If your life…

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