Now that we’ve Met Again



It’s been a long while since we last saw each other

Many things have changed between the two of us –

You had your own way, I had mine

But I wonder what’s on God’s mind why He brought us together.

Called from both sides of the world

Who would think we’d finally meet?

All along I’m wondering where have you been.

‘Til the opportunity came without me seeking it.

Heaven rejoiced when I came to see your face

It’s much like I won in a very prestigious race

And the much awaited prize I’m yearning to have

Is the fact that I came to see you now.

Everyone will envy me for again I finally meet

The person who has led me where everything began

And I will always treasure this moment with the one

The very person whom has taught me what is love.

Written 10.16.11 @ JRU 

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  1. Ang heavy ng words! I can feel it!

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