Just fall in love…



Love is an extraordinary feeling. We begin to be inspired, motivated and determined to work as we feel loved. We get a happy aura that extends to our unmeasurable smile. We extend our positive attitude towards others. We get emotionally attached to that person that we live with a habit of having him/her as a better half.

But beware of love. It may harm you. It may divert your attention into something not worth giving. Into something not good. Focusing on love towards other person and revolving the world between you two. As the songs goes, “There is a danger in loving somebody too much.” Maybe you are out of love and you are falling out of love.

Things that we should be mindful:

  1. Know what unconditional love is. Know who has given us an unconditional love. Know the sacrifice of Christ. That He died for all our sins. His…

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