How Love Found Herself

And Love live happily ever after…

Exhibit A

Her name is Love.

Once upon a time, she was hurt. She was having a hard time to forgive.
She wanted to withdraw from the life she’s currently living.
Love decided to leave.
She wanted to be distant and move faraway.
She said, “I need space. I need to find myself.”


She headed to the subway and saw a lot of people frowning. The train system is experiencing errors. Thus, delayed schedule.
There he met Mr. Patience, an old man waiting for 3-hours just to get on board.
“Aren’t you mad?” She asked.
“Will my madness change the situation?” He asked in return.
“Well, you have to release or express your disappointment, at least,” Love said.
“I did. I was sad for a moment. That’s why I asked the authority what happened and I asked until when will I expect to wait. When I heard 5-hours, I bought…

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