On Choosing to Let Go and Let God

A story of faith. 🙂

The Pen's Heart

I admit. I am a worrier. I can’t help but think about the things that might happen if, for example, I lost my job or didn’t receive my salary on time or overspend. I am always anxious about my finances to the point that ‘money matters more’. I think about my tithes, my debts, my siblings’ tuition fee, my family needs (financially), my apartment rent, the bills to pay, the monthly groceries and daily work allowance. I was always bombarded with the thought of expenses and not savings.

Until one hell of a situation happened that really tested my faith. I’ve withdrawn everything from my ATM and spent for this and that and those and gave everything to my Dad with 500 peso left in my wallet expectant that the other day, I would get my sales incentive from the company (funny, right?). I got back to Manila and had…

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