Confession of A Single

If there’s one thing I need to fix,

It would be my life.

Picking up the scattered pieces

And starting all over again.

If there’s one person I need to help,

She would be “me”.

Lending a hand to grab hold

And pulling it up to stand again.

If there’s one shoulder I have to cry on,

It would be mine.

Not minding the wrinkled and wet sleeves,

At the same time, giving a pat on the back.

If there’s one tear I have to wipe,

It would be from my eye.

Swiping it out of the cheeks

And forming the usual curve of the lips.

If there’s one hand I need to hold,

It would be my trembling hand.

Squeezing it hard until it stops from shaking,

Then letting it sway again as natural as it should be.

If there’s one heart I would love,

It would be the…

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