The Art of Waiting

Is there an art in waiting?

Exhibit A


Falling in line,
Ordering of food,
Waiting for vacant parking slot is not good.
Nine months of pregnancy,
exciting yet scary.
Traffic in the metro, a challenge to wait patiently.

Roller coaster years in college
and thrilling days for board exam results.
Over-the-counter in the bank.
A second chance.
A period to harvest all produce.

Watching the clock
and waiting for the end of school day.
A doctor’s appointment.
A passport renewal.
An airline delay.

An answer.
A response.
A text message or an e-mail.
A loved-one coming home.
A time to end being alone.

We always want to jump faster.
We oftentimes risk with snap decisions.
We want everything to be instant.
But most of the time,
what we learn and how we develop in the course of waiting
is even more significant than what we are waiting on.

the moments spent waiting for something
are even more…

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