A letter to 10, 15, and 18

The Great Wall of Bianca

Dear 10, 15, and 18

I hope you are smiling as you see where I am today. Your dreams of me have never changed, although some might probably be new to you. But trust me that I will never fail you because I’ll be sad as much as you all do.

To you, my dearest 10, you are the farthest to me. And we’ll be farther to each other as time goes by.

I want you to know that what you have told Daddy when you were in the living room will come true. I know that you have thought how ambitious your dream is, but you only need to keep on doing what you truly love. Do not lose hope when he asked you to take another path. Trust me that that path is your key to where you want to be. Just keep on working even when you…

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