Graduation. Depression. Unemployed.

Ako Si Babae

Look what I bumped into as I was browsing BuzzFeed; 8 Things Nobody Tells You About Graduation And Depression


So this is for everyone who’s feeling lonely, depressed, sad and almost giving up. I want to tell you that you are not alone. I would like to say that what I am experiencing right now, this phase of my life is maybe a little bit depressing and saddening but it is normal. The real world is overwhelming and most of the time all you wanted to do is hide or sit in the corner be unnoticed. But don’t stay like that, that is not your best version. Everyone is struggling, some people are good at hiding them. But the bottom line is, life is pain struggling is part of it and just because you’re experiencing these things does not mean that it will never end. Have courage and keep that…

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