How’s Your Day? 


So how have you been?

Have you seen the moon last night? It was so beautiful and captivating. Since my phone cannot capture its magnificence, let’s just feast in the beauty of its equivalent, sunset.

I’ve been missing a lot of things, people and activities. I used to do so many things with my closest friends but due to random valid reason, we no longer have the capacity to do such things together.

I end up doing things on my own nowadays.

Like running..

And choosing simple food to eat.

I’ve been avoiding complex food that requires heat and mixing ingredients.

First, because I hate preparing food and eating alone.

Second, I love the simplicity of preparing and eating raw fruits and veggies.

Don’t be fooled though. I’m not on a diet. In fact, here’s what I have taken beforehand:

1. Three (3) over-sized cup of instant coffee
2. Five…

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