Hello? Ate Girl? Chappy ka.


“Hello? Chappy ka Anje.”

“Oo, alam ko. I really have chappy lips.”

Well girls, the first ever proof that we are about to enter puberty is having chappy lips. Feeling ko lang.

When I was in the 3rd grade, as for the ceremony of the Star Scout kemerloo, (Star Scouts are the babies of Girl Scouts – meron ba kayong ganito?) as of what I remember, the girl scouts were the ones putting my lipstick. If I vividly remember, it was Inna Bautista (Inna Revilla, son of Bong Revilla) and her friends telling me, “Oh my gosh! Gusto ko ako ang maglagay ng lipstick sa kanya! She has cute cute lips!” Hay. Bata palang, pinagaagawan na at babae pa! At anak pa ng pulitiko at artista at kung sino pang businessman. Siyempre, I had to remain humble. CHARAUGHT. Okay, I felt like that compliment started to break down the opposed…

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