The Puntold Story: I’m Sorry, It’s Negative


I remember the pleasant sound of my grade school years when all we do is to play Counter Strike every Friday after school.


“Fire in the hole!”

“Go go go sago!”

I was so addicted to shooting games. Now I know why DotA wasn’t appealing for me. I’ve always liked ammos, snipers and blood drenched over a man’s body.

The sound of a reloading gun. The sound of it cocked and pulled. The sound of a person who got shot.

In addition, (subtraction, multiplication and division), I’ve always loved military movies. Actions like Steven Segal? Nope, not that. I’m more of the SEAL vibe. That’s why I’ve always liked swimming and Heidi Klum. When I watch documentaries, I always search for the different kinds of military trainings in Japan, US, China, etc.

Source: Google

Sometimes I ask myself, why am I so into guns? (Maybe because it rhymes…

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