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The Great Wall of Bianca

Last July 9, 2016, my father’s last wing assignment held a wreath laying ceremony for the fallen skywarriors. But before I proceed gusto ko munang magpasalamat sa Special Operations Wing (SPOW) family dahil hindi ninyo nakakalimutan ang fallen comrades ninyo. Kay BGen. Laucris Tumanda sa pangunguna ng event. Special mention kay Sgt. Mora sa pag-assist sa’min.

SPOW.jpgFrom left to right: MGen. Romeo Poquiz (Ret), my mother, myself, my brother, and BGen. Laucris Tumanda (AFP)

Going back, I regret that I wasn’t able to video the speech of MGen. Poquiz (Ret) and share it with you. It was so meaningful lalo na sa eksena ngayon sa bansa natin. But we’re still lucky that he wrote a post about it prior to his speech.

Mahaba ang speech niya. Not that I was bored kasi as I mentioned, it was so meaningful. Bibihira kang makarinig ng ganoon and his perspective was really interesting.

Pinaliwanag niya sa speech niya kung bakit agree…

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