You Are A Woman

Exhibit A

Screenshot_2016-06-29-16-43-39-1Have you ever wonder why you were born as a woman instead of a man? Was there a moment when you feel that being a woman is worthless, insignificant and of no value? Or lesser may be?

At one point or another, we had this idea that life would be better if we were born in the opposite gender – we’re stronger in body and tougher with our emotions.

But why, seriously?

As a kick-off to my series this month of July with regards to woman empowerment, I would like to share to you the beautiful article below which illustrates God’s thoughts on why He created a woman.  Though not biblical in detail and the author is unknown, the letter shows how the “delicate and fragile being” makes a difference in the life of everyone as meticulously designed by our Inventor. 🙂

Dear Woman,

When I created the heavens and the earth, I spoke them into…

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