The Father-Daughter Dance

Please, help me turn my life around because my daughter needs her dad around.

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There’s a little girl who studies in a school not so far away from her home. The school will be holding a father-daughter dance in two weeks.

Her teacher asked, “Are you going to attend the dance?”

The little girl answered, “I really wish I could, but my daddy is not around for he is locked in a jail from the outskirts of town.”

Then the little girl wrote a very unusual request to the sheriff of the jail where her dad is in: Dear Mr. Sheriff, would you be willing to put up a dance on Saturday night since my dad can’t attend the dance in our school? My daddy is not around because he is locked in your jail. I really wish I could dance with him. Please, please grant my request.

The sheriff agreed and a dance was held at the prison.

The father is wearing the…

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