The Necessary Art of Waiting

waiting… 🙂

The Idiot Mom

I hate waiting. No, I ABHOR it! Who doesn’t? I get so darn frustrated with my husband who has patience like he shouldn’t have; and he complains how I am just too impatient and aggressive. If someone is blocking me, I will ask him to move. If no one is attending to me, I will call their attention. If the food is taking much longer than I was told, I will ask for free breadsticks. I will do something else while waiting. I have both read and written numerous articles in hospital waiting rooms.  That is how much I detest waiting.

So imagine how hard this is for me: to wait – and to wait loooooong. Single women wait for The One, young professionals wait for the desired opportunity to knock – or for it to open its door. We wait to have enough resources or for the perfect…

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