Love and Other Ladybugs

Love Tips 101


I think my readers know when I’m in love, I write. It’s either I write a poem or I just basically write. And now I’m here again and I think everyone knows…


Isn’t it too cheesy? Hahaha!

As I plan to write a poem, I guess he is much more than a poem. (But I know in the future, I’ll write a poem about him) hahaha!

  1. Making things right – Making things right is such a difficult task to do especially when both parties have undergone different situations in dealing with relationships. Ever since he started courting me, all he really wanted was to “make things right.” And with that he means: The traditional courtship where he goes to the house, tells his intentions to my family, etc. No other parties, no cheating, none whatsoever. Well, just to tell you, we’ve been in a very similar situation before with our…

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