My Journey of Depression — Part 1

If you know someone who is experiencing depression, you may share this article and let’s hope they may find solace in my story.



I am a happy person on default. I am an optimist and I take pride on this.

I have even received unsolicited comments that I am a strong person. When I look into people’s eyes, I see a goal-oriented woman who knows what she wants in life and how to get it.

But more than a year ago, I was a millisecond away from jumping from the wide-open window of my apartment in the fourth floor. I don’t know even until now if I would have died from that height, but I remember I badly wanted to.


I never understood depression until it hit me, until it became alive in me.

What I am about to tell now is my story of depression and I am not going to censor the thoughts inside the mind of a person experiencing depression. So I hope you, my reader, would be…

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