A Love letter for you

To my dearest future partner, there are 6 billion people out there who could have my heart right now but I choose to wait if waiting means having our happy ending together with you and my God above.



Dear Future Partner,

There are probably 6 billion people in the world. 6 billion different people with different names, different faces and different perspectives. Some of them are happy, some are confused, some are hurting and some are indifferent. 6 billion people in this huge world with 7 different continents, quite a big number yet amazingly one of them is YOU.

Perhaps, I’ll meet you in a little coffee shop where I usually study out and burn candles for the next dreadful exams, perhaps I’ll meet you at your favorite bookstore, in my church where you are probably sitting at the back, or perhaps at my favorite restaurant or the usual stories in movies where we just bump into each other and capture each other’s thoughts and leave each other’s deep impression. I am just not sure where I will be meeting you but maybe, just maybe, you are just…

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