Celebrate Your Uniqueness 

Learning to embrace who you are.

The Pen's Heart

Let me tell you a story.

Almost a decade ago, there was a girl who can’t even look in the mirror because she despised herself so much–her eye color, her skin complexion, her hair, her nose, her body, everything about her. And there came a point that she wished she wasn’t born resulting to insecurities and low self-esteem. She tend to compare herself to everyone and had her own definition of beauty which she never counted herself in. She was bullied, took those words into her heart to pierce it and tuck them in at night, labeling herself with those–ugly, dark, lame, the list goes on.

Can you guess who that girl is? Yes, you are right (I am seeing that bubble in your head with the word “you” in it). It was me! I hated myself so much that time that I don’t even wanna be noticed. I even…

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