“Her Many Faces”

Soon she will shine, wearing her happy smile…


She is a walking disaster,

Some even describes her as a failure,

Some see her as a burden,

Some treats her as an object with no importance or no value at all.

And maybe she is…

Because sometimes she would feel the same.

Sometimes she looks at herself in the mirror and see an empty shell.

Sometimes she would compare herself to a bird shackled in a cage of pure defeat.

Sometimes she turns into a stone, numb for any emotions.

Sometimes she becomes the night… dark, quiet, scary even.

Yet everyday she gets up to defend her dying self,

At times she would surrender and would let the darkness devour her.

How could she not?

Sometimes it’s tiring to fight alone.

But as tired as she may be,

she is still ready to fight.

To dream even if no one else believes.

To keep going even if she’s too…

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