Insights from a blogger’s post

Transferring from one thing to another will never get someone anywhere until we focus on something that we are really good at and nurture it.


Months ago, I read a blog post from a prominent travel blogger-photographer. I’ve been following his blog ever since I read his post on ‘mini-retirement’, a sort of soul searching in your 20’s where you indulge yourself into travelling to discover more about yourself. His mini-retirement post hit me to core. But I cannot risk my job and do months of travelling that he did. The least I could do is to travel in between work to clear off my messed up head so I can start afresh.

Reading his follow up post about his life after two years of ‘mini-retirement’, I felt like he  is echoing what my mind has kept on telling me unconsciously. We constantly look for meaning and I’m glad he is starting to find his. He is a very well-paid man in the media world before but has later found the work so dull that despite…

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