Letting Go and Beginning Again

There were many days and nights I wished I could turn back time.


There was a time of so much pain.

I was frustrated that the checklist of who I wanted him to be does not even fit to the real him. I tried hard to change him. I talked to him about his mistakes, wanted him to change his ways, demanded him to do and be as I say. I believed he should change. After all, I know I was right to correct and rebuke him.

After all, I would never sway on my own standards.

But he would not change.

There was a time of choosing.

Maybe this would never really work out.

There are battles worth fighting for, there are things not really meant to be.

It was not so easy to accept that I had to give this up. I held him so dear in my heart. I always wanted the best for him, I always wanted us to…

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