The Heartbroken Journal: Prologue

To starting over and beyond…


It was the 28th of December 2016, I was sitting in bus going back home. “Two to three hours more before I arrive our house and finally rest…” I told myself. Beside me is a young man who seemed to be talking to a lady in his phone; I can tell it from the tone of his voice, the way his fingers are playing aimlessly on the seat in front of him. “Good grief,” I complained inside my mind, rolling my internal eyes. I feel a slight tinge of bitterness welling up in me.

The lights turned off inside the bus, leaving the dim lights on. I fell asleep immediately, exhausted from my day’s agenda. I woke up halfway the travel, when additional passengers are allowing themselves to be cramped up inside the bus, preparing themselves to endure the pitiful state of standing in the aisle of the bus just…

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