XVI Things That MMXVI Taught Me

4. Everyone can be successful but not happy.


Image result for angelica pickles meme Source: http://pinterest.com

1. Always know that God owns everything but your free will. Everything here on Earth is owned by Him. You do not have control until how long will you breathe nor decide when your last breath will be. You only have one thing you can control: Making a choice. We are all given freedom and it’s the only thing we have to exercise as our right in our lives. Remember that every action has a consequence. God does not give you the consequence nor He will never make you suffer. You make your own consequences. You make your own decisions. You should pay the price of your decision making. So it’s a question of will you make yourself suffer with your decision or make yourself happy? Everything is a choice. Everything is your choice.Image result for free willy2. Life is very simple and beautiful. We humans make it hard for ourselves. We…

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