First Love

To The One Who Made My Heart Beat Again

Who is your first love?

I remember the very first time my young heart skipped a beat. I can’t take the smile off my face as I try to remember the moment my crush spoke to me. How silly it even was as I have dreamily dozed off with eyes open, thinking about his eyes and his voice and his smile, imagining the next encounter we will have.

It feels good, right?

But as I increase in age and wisdom, this idea of first love become more like a blur as it shows in various tapestries of life. I see first love in how a new father cries upon seeing their newborn child. I see first love in a child who gets his own dog for the first time. I see first love in a young woman who finally marries her first and last boyfriend.

How ideal and hopeful such…

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  1. First love never dies…

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