Love Clinic: Emotions are Deceiving

love clinic

Ito ay isang mensahe sa PSA Love Clinic na nanggaling kay Maria (hindi niya totoong pangalan).

Dear Maria,

Emotions can be deceiving, like anger have its root cause – it can came from rejections, fears, doubts and all other emotions.

But when it comes to love, it should be enlightening but why sometimes it become confusing. I believe that love should not be like that, love should be easy, it can be easy and not complicated.

Love become complicated because of other emotions it entails, such as fear and doubts. Just like in your case, you have doubts if he feels the same towards you.

Let me ask you first, how do you communicate? If the communication would be online like chat, the emotions were lessen despite the variety of emojis every conversation entails. You cannot really be sure on that or put your trust in that kind of platform.

Second, do you know him in a personal way, like have you two met? It will be difficult to jump into your emotion that you like the person without even meeting him, seeing him, watching him moves, and how does he speak and the words he chooses for every conversation in a personal way.

Third, if you say that you like the person, it entails more responsibility – you should know when you like the person, will it be because you like him as a brother, as a person, as a workmate or as a future partner?

If you like the person as a future partner then things should be sort out. First is the person have a relationship because if yes then don’t even consider being in the picture you will surely get hurt. Second if the person is mature enough to handle a relationship like age or responsibilities in life.

If you have the answers to some of my questions and you still want the person, then tell him. You should tell him that you like him not because you expect him to like you too but its for your peace, emotions should be expressed but make sure that when you say those things you are sincere enough to level up the emotion you have for him. I mean when you say you like the person, the next thing is if he likes you then you can start dating or courtship. And if he didn’t like you then its fine you can move on and see other side of the world beyond your emotions towards him.

I know that its easier for me to wrote down all these things, but let me tell you my own experience about this matter.

I’m 28 and I learned my lessons in a hard way, I work in radio station and met a guy whom I was a fan when I was just listening to him. Then season came that we got the chance to work together and realized that I started to like him, I sort out my emotions and I’m expecting more than we have, I mean I consider him as a future partner. But hey he didn’t even know my emotion as I believe during that time. We spent time together because we are work mate, and so I got no other option but to pray harder, I ask God if hes the one then let peace be bigger my fears and confusion. Months passed, and believe me those were the hardest, I can remember drenching my pillows with tears because I want him so much but I know I can’t because I’m waiting for the real one, and if he’s the one there will be peace as I prayed for it. There were days I’m ready to say to him that I do like him but circumstances got in the way. I know that I can’t manipulate things and go the way I planned it but my emotion I have control over it, I can have more appropriate reactions to my situations than just being drowned by it.

Finally something came up, a picture of him with other girl from the office and it says more than the caption. Although I haven’t got the chance for him to know what I feel for him, I’m happy that in those days I was able to control my emotion and finally move on.

What am saying here, be sure first on what you feel for him. Because if you really like the person, it will come naturally. And if you love the person then it can be easy. Don’t complicate things, learn from the children – if they like something or someone they will say it, and when got rejected they might cry over it but only for a while. Brave are those who admit and accept their situations and rise over it.


Ano Maria? Dinugo ba ilong mo sa pagbabasa? Pasensya na. Magaling kasi sa English yung kasamahan namin sa PSA na nagpayo nito. Pero this reply was based from her fruitful years of experience. Haha! Consultant na nga namin siya sa PSA lalo sa subject na Emotions. Stay connected with us! Pero wait, are you a college student? 🙂


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