Imaginary story

Hikikomori's Lair

It was all in my imagination, I guess. But this is what I know is true. I like him…I suppose.


I did write something before about how I met this guy. You may check it out here. Let’s call him Senpai.

And so Senpai and I became chat buddies since the day I added him in Facebook. We don’t chat every day though, but we chat long enough. There’s this complication between us about our jobs, because I’m an auditor and he’s an accountant. Both of us are government employees, serving the best interest of the public. To those who may have not known, the situation we are in is really complicated. I remember reading a news about it, and in fact, I wrote a blog about it. So much for that.

Despite being aware of the consequences of my act, I still continued to befriend this guy…

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