Of Cancer, Chemotherapy and Christ: Last Words (#1)

Read this guys! May you continue to express your love to your parents and love ones.

To The One Who Made My Heart Beat Again

I want to tell a story that has been kept in my heart for exactly 2 years today.

To tell you honestly, 2 years is never enough before I can finally put into strings of words this story that is very close to my heart. See, I was living my life as normal as any 23 year old adult at that time would be, enjoying the fruits of my hard work in college.

Then, this cancer story started.

This story is not about me, though majority of this series will include stories, opinions and feelings I felt, as a writer. This is a real story about cancer, about faith, about hope, about love. This story speaks of needles, IV bags, blood, appetite, puking and giving up. This story reveals Christ.

I will tell you a story about Nora.

img_20170312_103459.jpgI love this photo because it is the best one I had…

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