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Nakakapagod mag-hiatus X_X
I’m back from the depths of the underworld, yass!
So etong ganap sakin ngayon, I am revamping this site to be a collection of my thoughts, hinanakit, and joy in this journey to producing minimal waste. Ume-eco friendly, but not yet there.

More commonly known as the Zero Waste Lifestyle, this came knockin’ at my door in many ways. This blog is now going to be about my journey towards becoming more environment friendly and a virtual binder of all the things that helped me.

First, I’ll get this out of the way… I don’t think anybody can live totally zero waste, hence I opt to call mine Minimal Waste. I know it’s a small thing, but there are plenty of people obsessing about the term zero waste so I’d preferably not scare anybody and just go with Minimal Waste. And it’s more aligned with what I’m trying…

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