A Lesson Learned from a Piece of Chocolote

Biyaheng Juan-Sided


During one of our regular Sunday Church service, a visiting pastor took out a chocolate bar, and showed it to the crowd. He raised it so that everyone could see it clearly. He then asked the audience if we wanted it. If we do, he asked us to raise our hands so he could also see it clearly. As a response, almost all of us raised our hands.

The pastor said, “Wow, so everyone wants this chocolate.” He paused for a while then said, “All those who wants this chocolate can have it, but [condition], you must come hear in front and get it in the podium”.

As I was in the back serving as an usher, I could see the reactions of most people. Most of them actually didn’t do anything, nor showed that they actually wanted to do anything. There were some who showed hesitations. Only three, out…

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