​~I’m Always the One Who Loves More~


I remember those times I called myself a fool…

Fool to believe in “happy-ever-after-endings”.

I was so eager to fall, to take the leap,

To unleash the chain of fear that once bound my reasoning,

Craving to experience all the wonders and joys of being in love…

The warmth that goes with his kisses and caresses.

Yes I was a fool to believe in its inconceivable spell,

Like he was the spark in my eyes, the magic I pined for to feel.

I got lost… so lost in my dreams while searching for a pot of gold,

But luck seems distant – a hard catch like his heart.


I was a fool to believe that I belong to him,

That he had my thoughts in the palm of his hand,

I stumbled upon his wits yet I know he’s someone I can never be with,

And this love is…

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