5 Things You Must Do While You’re Single


The world taught us many things that we should do while we are still single. Some say you must party all night, get drunk, have sex, travel the world and learn to love yourself. But that kind of advice only drifts you away from God. Such self-indulgence only magnifies our sinfulness and shows how wretched human beings are. The world even taught us that marriage is full of misery. It even came to a point that some are now scared in settling down and start a family.

But singleness and marriage are both good gifts from God. Through God’s goodness, both gifts are beautiful. But, Singles, if we desire marriage and long for it like that’s the only way we could be happy, then we are not waiting the way God wants it to be.

The Bible hasn’t taught us that good things only come when you’re married. It doesn’t…

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