The guy I personally consider my soul mate

Hikikomori's Lair

I ain’t gonna talk about my crush, not this time.

I’m referring to this guy I randomly added on Facebook way back in November 2014. We are both members of the Shingeki no Kyojin Facebook Group and that’s where we get along. Eventually, I added him. At first I thought he was a she because his FB name was Jana Dasa. Until now I don’t know his real full name, but his first name is Andrei.

We haven’t met each other in person yet. Back then, I was very cautious. But he gained my trust after all these years and we actually decided to meet up back in January this year. Unfortunately, something’s up so we never really met.

When I added him, I was trying to get myself over a certain guy, so I basically added him to flirt. Although there’s nothing much to flirt about, I still continue…

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