“7 Things You Don’t Know”

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Dear Boys,

You’ll never understand if you you’ll never try and You won’t be able to know if you wont put an effort seeking it. Maybe because everyone  is right, Girls will always be girls and girls thoughts are never easy to understand. There are Seven thing most men don’t know about women:

  1. We say it’s fine when it’s not. Saying directly what we want to say is not a part of our vocabulary. Telling people what we really feel was never easy. “I’m Fine” are words that comes out from our mouths even though were not really fine its because we love how people try to make us feel better in their own sweet ways.
  2. We won’t tell what’s bothering us. We can’t tell that we’re pissed off because honestly sometimes we also don’t know what we did and as you try to figure out what wrong we’ll…

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One comment

  1. yeah…I agree, but, maybe it’s time for girls to understand guys as well…
    I think it’s unfair if guys do all the work
    Don’t you agree?


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