Real Men: Don’t Play Games

The Mountain Gales of Words


(Photo by Jayvee)

A real man doesn’t love the most beautiful girl in the world, he loves the girl who can make his world the most beautiful.”

Far across the ocean’s distance and the spaces that part us, I can tell you, me too, I have been swayed away by that beautiful talking, it is indeed an amiable music to every woman’s ear.

Hearts are never to be played, emotions are never to be tricked and souls are never to be duped. Yet, with the fallen world that we live in, it seems that there are scumbags whose own pleasures stick within their circle of emotional needs even if it cost somebody else’s misery. They are called the game players. Sometimes they play well, but most of the time, they fall to their own pit.

Mind you, these players enter in a smokescreen. They are sweet, charismatic and gentle…

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