Pinto Art Museum

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Exhibit A

Finally, I got to meet my co-bloggers when we decided to appreciate the creation of our own nation, recognize the full worth of the talented Filipinos and have a glimpse of the historical artifacts that were preserved for the present and future generations – all at Pinto Art Museum, which is located in a quiet subdivision of Antipolo, Rizal.


Combined with exquisite landscape, alluring carvings, from simple to peculiar paintings and other artworks, this is definitely a go-to-spot for strolling and de-stressing.


It offers a wide range of crafts and comes with appetizing meal on its indoor restaurants that completes your Pinto experience. Plus, its enticing furniture will definitely invite you to lay down and relax.

the landscape

An assembly of somewhat Mediterranean / Spanish style structures covered with greens all around, the whole place became an instant photoshoot site.

g4 “The photogenic stairs.” – Clauie Belle


g5 One of the…

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