Famous Lines and Thoughts: A Second Chance Movie

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Magandang Buhay!

After 8 years, from ‘One More Chance’ to ‘A Second Chance’, we are still here supporting the famous couple, Popoy andBasha. We are still the same person who longed to see forever on the big screen. We are still here, believing in the idea of true and unconditional love. Hoping that someday, one day, it will be ‘ours’. Do you agree that they certainly bring hope to every relationship that’s going thru a rough road?

A Second Chance

Let me share my insights about this much awaited film of the year(in the Philippines)…

Honestly, watching Popoy and Basha brings a lot of memory, most of the feelings I had, seems to be just like yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I am with a different person already but the scenarios executed on the said film was relatably applicable to our millennial relationships. The movie tackled a lot of real…

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