An Open Letter to the Person who Loves Me Next


I don’t know if we have already met. Perhaps our paths have crossed, but we’ve taken each other for granted and I’ve let you go. Maybe we’ve already known each other for quite a while and we’re still in the process of writing our own love story. Probably, I’m not going to meet you until I’m thirty. There’s a lot of uncertainties on how this will unfold. Hence, I’m writing you this letter right now, to warn you on what you are about to sign up for.

As cliche as it sounds, I am not the easiest person to love. I have had my heart broken for countless times that I have eventually lost touch of that romantic side of me. I won’t always surprise you with grandiose presents, flowers, chocolates or sticky notes everytime we meet. Not because I don’t love you; it’s because I’m saving those little things for random special…

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