Quitting should never in our vocabulary!

Carlo Zebedee Gualvez

“Expectations might give us disappointments but disappointments gives a step towards our dream.”

The past months had been challenging for me, especially the past week. The aftermath of the failed dreams I mentioned from the past blog had been so painful for me to the point it sucks my motivation to dream again. It felt like that every time I started to dream, it leaves me the voice of doubt telling me “you will never achieve that.”

It has been so painful that I started to feel I became stagnant in my workplace; I am having the feeling of I am just working for money and I failed to be excited if payday is not near. It felt like an eternity every time I wait for the pay check, not doing what I supposed to do.

You see, I became hopeless as I said on the previous blog. I started to…

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