Xs and Ys: When Your Questions Go Unanswered

Marvanxiety. Yan ba ang diagnosis ng doctor? Haha!

Fine and Dandy... Mostly

Staying out of a relationship after a break-up has its perks, the most significant of all being: gaining a more objective perspective of life in general.
tumblr_n0672s9Wal1spnyg9o1_500.jpgWhile I do not claim to be The Enlightened One, I have had several realizations over the past year about myself and relationships and God, and how the first two should never be without the third.

Sadly, my thoughts are too fast for my hands, and I’ve barely had the time to actually write them down.

So before I lose my current train of thought, let me share to you two questions that I kept asking God over and over over (three “overs” in one sentence?! #grammarnazi #toolazytoedit LOL) the course of my moving-on period, and how I stumbled upon answers… (that may not really be answers…)

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