Dear Single, Christian Woman Who’s Caught in Liking an Unbeliever


You were starting to be content with your singleness until someone comes along to rock your convictions and commitments to live life undivided for Christ. The worse part of it is that he is an unbeliever. Perhaps, it would have been less complicated if he was of the same household of faith like you do, but he is not. Then, here comes a young gentleman—attractive in so many ways—who likes to talk to you, respects, compliment, and appreciates you. You hit it off right away when you met. He seems to be nice and passionate about life. But hey sister, he’s not a believer! You already know how this would end. So you want to guard your heart, but the challenge is on! You just officially caught yourself on guard with his appeal and attention.

You pray every night, resisting yourself from temptation, but he’s so cute and fine, and…

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  1. Relate much! Most of my crushes are of different religion than me. Maybe that’s the reason why none of them worked out. While I believe that freedom of religion is a right, I don’t want the idea of a guy/girl changing his/her religion for romantic love. You practice religion because of faith in God, not because of something superficial as “love”. In the Bible, it is said: Kawikaan: 19. 14. Bahay at mga kayamanan ay minamana sa mga magulang: nguni’t ang mabait na asawa ay galing sa Panginoon. (Kaw 19:14)

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