“10 Times I’m Thankful I’m Single”

Months ago, I came across a post about “10 times I’m thankful I’m single,” and now I just want to have my own version of it since I can genuinely say I’m thankful that I am single! Although it’s nice to be in a romantic relationship, I have started to realize and see the value of this season of my life. It’s so precious for me to miss all the good things singleness has to offer! For the first time in my life, I can tell myself that I’m okay about it, coz seriously, what else can I do? While everyone around me is getting engaged, getting married, and having babies, here I am, still single at age 26 (almost 27 this year) and having a blast! And for the record, I want to tell those so-called family and friends who think singleness is a disease that there is nothing…

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