Akala ko, akala din nya


So far so good, and one of the best. Why? From my previous post I wrote that I’ve been Busted by this girl whom I thought, but the real thing is she did a joke and I got the wrong idea, since it’s from chat that I was guessing what her expression or what is she thinking.

I asked her last last day : “Ui baka nakakaistorbo ako sayo ha?” she replied “Ou” then I was trying to encourage myself that time Na baka nagjojoke nga lang siya or mali ng reply then I asked her again : “nakakaistorbo nga ko?”

“Ou nga eh 😊” with smiley Kaya inisip ko that time na Busted ako, na ayaw na nya ako kausap. Then morning at office I was thinking na ayaw na nga nya talaga ko makausap kaya hindi ako tumitingin sa kanya para na din hindi ako makipagusap, we’re working…

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