I’m 25 and Never Been In A Relationship


My 12 year-old self will probably laugh at me. She believes that at the age of 23, I’ll meet the the man that I am going to marry. She will surely ask me what happened, and then she will remind me that I was once a boy-crazy/fangirl with all those posters inside my room. She will tell me that this is not what we’ve planned. I’m sorry to break her heart, but God has a different plan.


“Single person who loves Jesus is much more like a married person who loves Jesus than like a single person who doesn’t know him. We’ll know Jesus forever and be loved by him for eternity. This is way more central to our identity than our marital status. Don’t think of yourself as unwanted by any prospective spouses. Know yourself as loved forever by Jesus.”  — Stephen Witmer; Will I…

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