BTS and Tips of Jael Prints Co.

Janella Elaine | Artist & Writer

So, I titled this blog as BTS of Jael Prints Co. Just like Kdramas, which my friends and churchmates loved to watch lately, our small business has it’s own BTS or Behind The Scenes. Let me give you a short background first on how it started. Just like any other young people, I love to discover new hobbies. Let me enumerate them:

1. Typography and GIFs

Back in 2011, I started using Tumblr. Making Christian Typos (Typography), I think I made a lot of it. 100+ I think? or more than that? Not sure about the digits. Haha! I also tried making GIFs which introduced me of using Photoscape. After 2 to 3 years, it reached 15,000 followers. I never knew that posting those and some sorts of would help them strengthen their relationship with God until they left their sweet messages. Did I told you that this is just…

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