Guest Blogging Opportunities for Single Bloggers

Hello brothers and sisters in singleness!

OMF Literature is opening a partnership with PSA bloggers through guest blogging and the articles will be published at

The topic that they are requesting is about BASAG moments focusing on your journey from being #BASAG to being #Whole. This is in relation to their on-going project (BASAG: Bachelor in Nursing a Broken Heart, Major in Moving On by Prexy Calvario). I think you can also share your broken-hearted situations before and how you cope up with it. You can also give advice to the broken-hearted people. It can be pure English, Tagalog or TagLish. Please take note that your article will be screened and it must pass their editorial standards.

You can send it in a word file and include the following information:
URL of your website:
About the Author: Maximum of three sentences
Title of the Article:

Send your draft article to with the email subject line: OMF Guest Blogging.

Once your article is published, you will be given a copy of the book, BASAG.

This opportunity was through the PSA President Marts Valenzuela‘s coordination and connection with OMF.


Single-ly Yours,

Doctor Eamer
SBOD (Single Board of Director)



  1. Haha. Ang taray may collab na nagaganap! Haha.

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