The So-called NBSB


14444701_1331901073516936_2958416888766187296_oNo experience, no right to speak . . .

Girls who haven’t been in a relationship their whole life are calledNo Boyfriend Since BirthorNBSBand there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, however, sometimes, we simply just can’t get away with some situations specially if all of our friends are in a relationship. You may get a random question like,“why don’t you have a boyfriend?” or else, getting your advice questioned by a friend because you got no experience, and despite of all the circumstances, you still choose (somehow) to stay single, and some of the possible reasons are:

1. You don’t have time.
Sometimes, you are just too busy about things – you wanna travel, spend more time with friends, or pursue your dream career and dating doesn’t seemed to fit your schedule at the moment. Don’t worry, about it, you can always find that…

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